Placidity (not quite Serenity)

A group of adventurers having joined up with a gang of smugglers in order to make a living, set out for the score of a life time when they come across information about an old abandoned space station that may contain some valuable military grade equipment. The smuggling gang is successful in locating the derelict pre Clone Wars era space station and pretty soon come across a Corellian Corvette fully loaded with Trade Federation Vulture-class droid starfighters.
Eying the potential profit of this score the First Mate commits mutiny, and a firefight breaks out between now two factions of the smuggling gang. The adventurers end up fighting on the Captain’s side. At long last when the fight seems to go their way they realise to their dismay that the First Mate has managed to get the old Corvette running during the battle and takes off firing its cannons, blasting most of the Captains remaining men, some of his own men that did not make it aboard in time, and in the end the shuttle they arrived on, causing it to explode and tear a hole in the station’s outer hull, exposing the hangar to the vacuum. By pure stroke of luck, or maybe the Force, the adventurers manage to make it to safely out of the hangar before the ancient station’s failsafe system, thankfully still operation on emergency power, kick in at seal the blast doors. Then realising that they are the only surviving members of the gang left behind.

The marooned group of adventures now scour the space station for any means of the station, but at first it seems that the Corvette was the only viable means of transportation left on the station. After some frantic searching they come across a small hangar bay in the bottom part of the station, where they find an old tramp freighter seemingly in pristine condition. There is a light on inside… is someone here?

Edge of the Empire